‘The Crew’

The Crew: Steve & Wendi Robbins (50 and 60 + couple of Throw Back Hippies!!)

Steve Robbins: A Retired Business Guru of Something Or Other!!

Wendi Robbins: The ‘Right Brained’ element of The Crew!!

The Vehicle: Pumper (1972 VW Westfalia Campervan .. An Oldie & Goodieee!!)

The Grande Plan : To Have No Plan!!

Destination: The Grande Tour … It’s not the destination… it’s a journey. North America, South America, and Europe with a side trip to India and Nepal!! We have lost track… at about 42 countries give or take a couple.

Distance Driven: 76,000 miles – 122,000 kilometers. (And a bunch more on the high seas!)

Months To Date: 49… But Who’s Counting!!

Living The Dream : 2-3 Years – (Maybe Definitely More), On The Road!! Well we have blown that one! We are past 4 year mark.


The seeds of their wander lust were sowed many years ago … Both grew up in the U.K., Steve in Bristol, and Wendi, in Ware, Hertfordshire. Seeking change and excitement, Steve immigrated to Canada in 1974. Wendi after a year of adventure looking to find direction and means of expression in the USA (i.e. dropout) was escorted with an expired visa to the Canadian border by an ‘Overly Friendly’ gun toting US Immigration official. Not the last time run-in’s with border officials would give one or both of them problems!

Fate had their path’s cross and they have never looked back.. Hopping from one adventure to the next… Finding time to raise 2 amazing kids!! … Yeh!!!!!

(Massive shout out to Josh and Simone who do them sooo proud!!!)

Further down the road while working a project in SE Asia in 2000, they decided yet again to shake things up!! …There was no bloody way Steve was going to be soaking up the joys of jungle living half way around the world while Wendi was stuck in snowy frigid Ontario!’ So with gasps of horror from most of their friends, they sold their house and everything in it, including their treasured MGB, and relocated to Indonesia .. And why NOT!!!

There was no turning back @ this point… this was all tooo gripping for them not to leave their ‘Hang Ups’ and fears well behind and turn each corner with the thrill of what was to be!!

The tragedy of the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001 changed the world. It also cut short the work in Indonesia. But Steve and Wendi would not be denied!!!…So they put their possessions in a shipping crate, donned backpacks, T shirts, shorts and sandals, and wandered around SE Asia for 6 months… Living on a budget of $25 a day!!!

Yup this was when they finally  got in touch with their true Hippie selves … Trucked right into their new nomadic lifestyle and never looked back!!

Sucking Each & Every Ounce of Passion from Life is a daily ritual they work hard at perfecting!! Doing that together and experiencing the joy of soo much and soo many… Rocks their world!!

Their Pride & Joy : PUMPER !! … A Stunning Red and White Beauty From The Past !! They plan to travel to distant lands … And along the way soak up every detail of every moment .. The rich tapestry of life!!

So they got to thinking… Wondering if you wanted to join them on their adventure??? … Come along for the ride!! …. They love the pure craziness of their lives… And hope you feel the sync with all that you are!!

Peace & Grooovy Kinda LUV

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