Austin, Texas… The Weird

Cupcake“Air Force One” just blew over and LOW… Austin roads are jammed for security… Ugly!  Who knew the “Pres.” Was coming to town, maybe to check out the food trucks and all the super delicious grub that could become a rather nasty addiction. Today’s focus? Hitting the “Vegan” truck of all vegan trucks in the north end of town.



Austin WeirdIt doesn’t take much time landing in Austin to figure out this is the coolest hub in all of Texas and we are in no hurry to leave… Chilling with our homie’s and fellow travelers getting the scoop on all things they consider “weird” and cool about town: yes you can go topless or ride around town in a thong in this uber conservative state of Texas so who knew! On one slight issue do we not feel we wear the badge of honor… We are for sure not tattooed enough for these parts: amazing art abounds on every body part imaginable!

Pond Pose

Pumper is a massive hit amongst the liberal Austinites. Not sure how often we were approached in the most friendly manner, even if it mostly amounts to being hit up for drugs :-)




What a pair we are: Now vegan… you hear us groan all the time about the GMO’s, pollutants, and junk that is killing us so we have become the purest of the pure boring olde farts that just happen to dress like a couple of young (ish) cool hippie dudes… Unless you catch us in our Pajamas!

Pond Pose2So on most fronts it is great to be north of the border. Aaahh back to the land of excess and pure unadulterated greed… It does pull at our heart strings a wee bit to think how simple life can be and was for the winter months living with so little, yet with hearts full of joyous blessings daily with a kick ass yoga class thrown in for good measure.



Fairy HousePulling into McDonalds for our morning pit stop & coffee break, nobody questions us parking ourselves for an hour to play on the internet and use the facilities. But this morning we were obviously in a lower income part of town… Sketchy some would call it and many would not have the time of day for the “riffraff” that were there for their free coffee or pancakes, but what a Community! Never have we met such a warm welcoming bunch of people who were delighted to see us. Not only that, they cared so much for each other! These were people ‘being nice’ that had values and warm caring hearts. Wow, a pleasure to see… The simple things in life… while most are happy to tread right over top of others to get to the top of the heap! Lessons in the most basic of humanity… We feel blessed to have these beautiful daily reminders in our lives!


So more of what is so great about Austin: The Nudist Beach!!! Like, yes hello and welcome Pumper to “Hippie Hollow State Park”. “Hav’yall was here afore?” “D’yall know it’s ‘Clothing Optional’?” The kiosk lady enquires as if to give fair warning. “We did hear that”.

hippie hollowSteve wastes no time getting into the rhythm of all things naked as we lay lakeside… But sadly a much depleted lake in this drought plagued area, staggering to see on this level. How weird and strange to see “All Sorts” strutting around naked. Well actually it was the old farts with only jogging shoes on that was the most bizarre. Someone needs to tell them one can be unfashionably nude! The totally open toilets… Why have doors? Weird! Just nice to know you are not going to run into your next door neighbor. Ok, go ahead call me a prude! But having had twin Phil introduce us to this beautiful concept in Germany we were more than happy to get with the program but cannot somehow see us laying in the buff in the park on Parliament Hill this this summer! We Canadians tend to be rather conservative on that kind of stuff! 😉

MissionAustin may be eclectic but the hints of community, togetherness, and the ability to get along are evident. We were uber impressed walking along the trails in town: no painted lines or warnings to keep in your own lane!! Nobody yelling “to your right”, “coming through”, “you’re walking in the bike lane” etc… and displaying disapproval at non-conformance to rules! Canada and most other places: Neatly, if not immaculately groomed trails where people mean business!! No, in Austin people seemingly just get along! Bikers, hikers, joggers, roller bladers, moms and dads with strollers, all in their groove with respect for all others… Just being nice! Love these moments where universe and community click, egos are put away, and rules don’t matter! Well done Weirdo’s!

Rust TruckOff to snack on our new fave delight: “Red Quinoa & Flaxseed” Organic Tortilla Chips (GMO free, Gluten free, 0 Trans Fats!!!) with Steve’s scrumptious guacamola delight.. Life is good if only it was not getting so cold: off to spend 2 nights in a hotel of all things…. approaching freezing… way too cold for the likes of us pansies to sleep in the bus! After all this is April in Texas, what goes?

Hotel… OMG what’s that??? That my dears is a put your feet up, put the T.V. on, grab a hot shower and soak up the high life and even cheat and do a spot of laundry! A real bed. Yehhh!! And queen size at that.. Oh the luxury of it all and after all this excitement we are only talking a “Super 8” motel! Works for us!


Peace and love… keeping it weird.

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