BIG VW Family…

wendi and bus

There is not much that gets us in the groove at 5 a.m. but the 25th annual Pasco County Bug Jam in Dade City Florida had us revved up in high gear… and it didn’t disappoint!! These guys know how to put on a Show!!




painted bug650 plus VW’s and many more groovy souls feeling the love, the atmosphere was electric! You could feel the love pulsating in your veins!!! You had to be caught up in the joy of all things and people VW!! The sticker on Pumper says it… “ VW. Not just a marque, it’s a family” “VW no solo una marque es una familia”.


Meeparrotting new and old, it was one big happy family, eager to share the love, swap notes and parts,  and immerse in one super massive awesome, crazy entertaining VW fest ever. Old time, long-time friends from Pensacola . Yehhh!! Thanks Wild Bill and Linda for suggesting we take a detour to Dade City!!
We even met ‘Dreamers’ that have followed the blog for years that we had never met in person. Darn great treat that was! Randy… go get that bus and hit the road!


Texas Split

Elvis thrusting his hips and serenading the crowds, sky divers, hoola-hooping, and tattoo contest … not a minute to spare!! It takes time to digest 650 super examples of every VW imaginable. Had a list of 6 that we could have purchased on the spot!! Now that took discipline!!
( Nope, Steve did not win the tattoo contest.. But he sure looked Mighty Hunkish front stage all things exposed!!!)







Speciskeleton in busal note about Christopher Kuster an amazing artist / car enthusiast who produces cartoon images of vehicles while holding the paint brushes in his teeth since suffering a swimming accident that left him quadriplegic… Now that was the tattoo we wanted! Think we will be asking him to paint our baby for us, time we had a sticker with Pumper on it.







hippie friendsMust mention Christine and Doug with their beautifully painted 69 Bus. Two old hippies that could teach the world a thing or two about values and what it’s all about! You just have to adore the soul of some people that know exactly what is important in life. We are so thankful again for the reminder of how treasured life is!


So many more people we could mention … This is what life on the road is all about!!

Capping off the day was the interview with the local press!!! Pumper is famous in these parts it seems!!

To Carol and all her team that busted their butts to put on the most spectacular show… We love y’all !!!

surfing funOur sojourn down the east coast beaches paid off with some nice beach days soaking up the sun and ending in quick visits with great friends from Ontario, Lorraine and Art in Melbourne FL, and fellow travelers Antonio and Jessica and the twins, in Kissimmee that we first met in Mexico, then in Vegas and India.


pumper and shuttleMaking a dash across the country to Texas and the Mexican border getting honks and hollers all the way… the VW culture is alive and well in the U.S.A.!!! We feel bad about just whisking through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas without dropping in to see the many friends we have made on earlier trips but these bloody ‘cold fronts’ from the North do not sit well with us sleeping in Pumper…  Could use a little global warming about now. Correction… the sleeping is fine but seeing your breath as you scramble to get dressed in the morning is not our idea of fun! But hey, loving the price of gas down here at 80 cents a litre… Rocking and rolling!!

road trip



Hitting Texas we get a fb message from Jason Rehm of fame. Jason, Angela and Bodie we first met 4 years ago in Mexico when we had started our odyssey in an SUV and trailer, they had just started their journey in a 71 Bus. Now that was the way to do this road trip… they inspired us… we turned right around, went back to Canada, sold the trailer, and bought Pumper, the rest is history. So the fb message said something like ‘we are in Galveston, where are you?’ 2 hours later we were sitting around exchanging notes about the last 4 years.

November 14. The 4th anniversary of Living The dream. Just reminds us again how small this world is and how closely connected we all are.


“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted!” John Lennon.

Mexico here we come for some serious ‘Time Wasting’.

Peace and love … just a ‘few degrees of separation’ from you!

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